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What is the Maison des Jasmins?


Maison des Jasmins is a transition house of 16 girls as they finish their education (high school and college/vocational training). Sponsorships of Maison des Jasmins cover rent, food and guidance. 

Where are the girls currently?

Those that have turned 18 already live there. The rest live at the Reveil Matinal Orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Haitian law states that when they turn 18, they must move from the orphanage. Without the Maison des Jasmins, they have nowhere to go. 

My sponsorship only covers their rent and food. Who's paying for their education and school supplies?


School expenses are paid for by the small non-profit organization Hearthstone Village, based in Ukiah, California. They are committed to getting every girl in the orphanage through high school. They have also committed to paying for their college expenses or vocational training, depending on the individual's chosen career path. 

Why do they still have years of high school left after turning 18?

In Haiti, high school goes until 13th grade. The normal age to finish high school is 19. 


Furthermore, grade is determined by skill, not by age. Some of the girls came to the orphanage with little to no education. There are government tests after the 6th and 9th grade. If a student doesn't pass, they must redo the grade and take the test again the next year, so it is not unusual to be held back. 


A little more info about high school in Haiti:

  • The central government curriculum requires the students to study four languages!  The two national languages, French & Creole, and then Spanish and English.  These girls are very strong in English already.

  • There is French literature and Haitian (Creole) literature in each grade.  

  • There are physics, biology and chemistry classes in each grade.  

  • Higher academic schools also have science lab classes and computer lab (informatique) classes.  When students graduate they receive a certificate of technical understanding of computers.  

  • Unfortunately most schools do not have art, music or drama classes. 

There are 16 women turning 18 this year, but what about when the others come of age?

We are working with the Haitian non-profit, REMODEL Development, to create a plan that will offer support and guidance to of-age orphans in Haiti for years to come. 

I can't commit to a sponsorship, but I'd like to give a one-time donation.

Absolutely! You can use PayPal by clicking here. We also accept cash and check donations. Contact us! All donations are tax-deductible, as they will go through Hearthstone Village, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

How do we know the money is used for its intended purpose once it gets to Haiti?

All donations go through the US-based 501c3 nonprofit Hearthstone Village and are distributed to Reveil Matinal Orphanage Foundation (RMOF) for operations of the Maison des Jasmins. We have partnered with REMODEL Development, a Haitian non-profit to offer oversight and guidance to the girls. They also ensure that all funds are being budgeted and used correctly. 

Other Questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us

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